The Birth of M.P.I.

Manchester Personal Introductions

Welcome to the first blog from Manchester Personal Introductions

A local friend of mine, living in south Manchester had told me about his experience with Dating Agencies and Apps.

He had been married, but was now divorced.

He was looking for a serious relationship with a professional lady.

Now this friend had tried several well known, national Dating Agencies. He had money to spend. But they were just sending endless photos.

He had contacted many of them and even had a few dates. They just weren’t who he was looking for.

It just seemed so false.


We discussed his experiences over coffee.

He didn’t want to give up, he just wanted something more serious.

He didn’t want his photo splashed across the internet for all to see & judge, he wanted to trust someone to arrange a date for him. Someone he could trust- who had his best interests at heart.

He had looked high & low, he had scrawled the internet- it seemed that the service he wanted simply didn’t exist!

Manchester personal introductions
Unhappy and disappointed customer giving low rating and negative feedback in survey, poll or questionnaire. Sad and dissatisfied man giving review about service quality. Bad user experience.

And so…. Manchester Personal Introductions was born.

Dating with a difference.

Once you have joined- your membership is for life.

You can cancel your membership, BUT you can join again at any time.

We arrange the dates for you based upon the information you give us.

If you aren’t getting the dates you want you can change or add to the information.

Your photo will not appear on our website- unless you instruct us to do this.

You will be presented with dates- you decide if you want to meet them.

Manchester personal introductions

We can provide the venue for you- your personal safety is our priority.

We can organise second, third, fourth dates with the same person- you don’t have to do this, at no extra fee.

You don’t have to give any personal details to your date. There’s no rush. 

We can give you dating tips and advice- it’s your choice.

We would love to hear how your dates went if you’ll share that experience with us.

Manchester personal introductions

There are different levels of membership available depending on your needs and budget.

Take a look at the website and choose carefully

If you would like help choosing your membership level, please get in touch.

If you are actively looking for marriage we can help. We can even discreetly advertise for you on social media and our website.

None of your details will be given to anyone without your permission.

We can also provide a chaperone if needed. It’s your choice.

Manchester personal introductions

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