Subjects for a first date

Part 1

Here is a list of subjects that you can use for a first date.

No more interview questions and no more awkward silences!

first date

Talk about where you’re from & your family life. Talk about your home town your family & siblings.

Your favourite book or movie is a good conversation starter, even your favourite cartoon as a child.

first date

Ask your date about their favourite music or the best band they’ve seen live.

You could even discuss the worst gig you’ve been to.

first date

Does your date have a bucket list.

Dreams or desires? Where would they like to go?

What would they like to do?

What’s their dream job?

first date

Hobbies and Interests:

Discussing hobbies and interests is an excellent way to find common ground and showcase your passions. Whether you both enjoy outdoor activities, music, cooking, reading, or sports, sharing your hobbies allows you to bond over shared experiences, exchange recommendations, and explore new adventures together.

Travel and Adventures:

Talking about travel experiences and dream destinations can evoke a sense of adventure and excitement. Share memorable trips, favorite destinations, or future travel aspirations. Exploring each other’s travel stories can reveal shared interests, cultural experiences, and ignite a sense of wanderlust.

Food and Culinary Experiences:

Food is a universal language, and discussing culinary experiences can be a delightful conversation starter. Share your favorite cuisines, restaurants, and food adventures. You can even plan a food-themed date where you explore new eateries or cook together, further deepening the connection through shared gastronomic experiences.

Movies, TV Shows, and Books:

Entertainment is a subject that often sparks animated discussions. Share your favorite movies, TV shows, and books, and ask your date about theirs. Engage in conversations about memorable characters, plot twists, or thought-provoking themes. This subject provides a glimpse into each other’s tastes, interests, and storytelling preferences.

Current Events and News:

Discussing current events and news topics allows you to showcase your awareness of the world around you. Share interesting articles, recent discoveries, or thought-provoking social issues. Engaging in meaningful conversations about current events can showcase your intellectual curiosity and your ability to engage in thoughtful discussions.

Remember, while these subjects can foster engaging conversations, it’s essential to listen actively, be respectful, and allow your date to share their thoughts and interests as well. The goal is to create a comfortable and enjoyable environment where both parties feel heard and understood.

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